2014 Ontario Triple Crown
Monday, 30 November 2009

The 17th Annual Ontario Triple Crown is a competition held every summer, consisting of 3 Legs of 3D archery. The first leg of the Ontario Triple Crown is the Ontario 3D Championship consisting of 80 targets, the second and third legs consist of 40 targets.

1st Leg
Ontario 3D Championship
Windor Sportsmen's Association/Kingsville Wild Goose, Windsor
July 5-6, 2014

2nd Leg
York County Bowmen, Newmarket
July 27, 2014

3rd Leg
Durham Archers, Oshawa
August 24, 2014

All OAA shooting rules, age divisions and equipment categories to be recognized


  • Archers Must compete in all three legs to be eligible for awards
  • Archers must be OAA members
  • Archers cannot compete in two different equipment divisions
  • Aggregate scores will determine the winners
  • Maximum bow speed is 280 ft/second or 5 grains per pound of bow weight, your choice. Crossbows 350 ft/second.
  • No sky pulling
  • It is the archer’s responsibility to ensure that their scorecard is filled out completely and turned in.

We will not chase anybody for results. Results and standings will be present at each shoot.

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