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All OAA member clubs are required to have at minimum two (2) certified Club Judges, this is to ensure all events being hosted at the club are being run in conjunction with OAA Rules and Guidelines. If your club is looking at hosting the O.A.A. Indoor Championships, your club will have to have a minimum of one Club Judge to host the event. The Association’s goal is to have a minimum of one Judge at each club to make the clubs safer and the archers more knowledgeable of the different type of competition’s rules.

Range Safety Officer Certification:

To obtain the designation of OAA Range Safety Officer you must either:

  1. If the club you belong to is a member of both OAA and Archery Canada (AC) download the Manual and Test from the Archery Canada website Certification by Archery Canada as a Safety Officer is also valid in Ontario and recognized by the OAA. A copy of your certification should be sent to the OAA Judging Coordinators

  2. If the club you belong to only has OAA Membership then download the AC Safety Officer Manual below and complete the OAA Range Safety Officer Exam. Completed OAA Range Safety Officer Exams should be forwarded to the OAA Judges Coordinators for marking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Local Judge Certification:

As the rules are currently in a state of flux, the Local (Club) Judge tests are continually having to be updated to reflect these rule changes. As a result of this the tests are no longer posted on the web site. The most recent version of the Local (Club) Judge tests can be obtained by emailing a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please do not obtain copies of the tests from people who recently wrote the tests as out of date versions of the tests will not be marked.

Provincial Judge Certification:

The first step in obtaining your Provincial Judging Certification is completing the Club Judge Test. Provincial Judges Clinics are held at various times in different parts of the province. Please check the OAA Website or Facebook Page on when these clinics will be held.

NOTICE: Provincial Judge Certification is currently on hold until completion of Draft update of OAA Rule Book (expected Mid 2016 completion)


The Ontario Association of Archers is looking for clubs to host Judging Clinics. The Clinics will give the participants the necessary knowledge to judge not only club events, but also provincial level tournaments.

Randy Jones and Laura-Lynn Churchill, Judging Committee Coordinators

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


" Don't just open the book to see if you can find a penalty to take away an archer's score, look in the book to find a rule, if possible, to save the archers score"

~Morten B. Wilmann, Chair Judge Committee, Sergio Font, Dion Buhagiar

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